What is Spiritual Companioning?

This is a question people ask me all the time. I had never heard of a Spiritual Companion until a couple years ago. When I went to my first session, I couldn’t believe the freedom I felt there to be myself, and to say what I needed to say. Coming out of a high-demand religion I had a lot of processing to do. I had no idea how empowering it could be to name what I was feeling in the moment with someone by my side who was nothing but curious and excited for me. Spiritual Companioning sessions are a space where we sit in the present together and explore what is coming up for you. It’s a space of silence, meditation, laughter, crying, pain, and awareness. It’s a space with no agenda and a place full of surprises.

I am open to working with people from all walks of life on this journey. I have experience working with people in faith transitions from high demand religions, the LGBTQIA+ community, those exploring pagan/wicca as a path, and those who identify as agnostic/atheist. My hope is that if you join me on this journey, you will experience your own freedom in however that looks for you.